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Tour Program Resources and Recommendations

History Tours strives to design our travel programs around themes, events and historic context. In conjunction with these tours, we offer a listing of resources, reading, and video pieces which may add to and complement your travel experience. It is recommended that you survey these resources when considering a tour option and if you do make a reservation, delve into these recommendations to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of your upcoming tour. We also ask for your feedback on our Blog as to what additional recommendations you might make for specific tour departures which you believe would add to the travel experience. Each Tour had a recommendations sections for your reference and use. Please explore the tours and those recommendations.

2020 Group Programs

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Canada's Wars 1914-45

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Mayan Express - Guatemala

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Golden route of the Incas - Peru

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The Inca Trail-Machu Picchu - Peru

Group options

History.tours offers a large selection of group options which can be tailored to your service level and area of interest. Explore the options and choose a few that suit your tastes or allow us to work with you in developing a combination of programs.


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