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History.tours was founded in order to find and present the very best in history, heritage, cultural and archeological tour programs to you the curious traveller. Our directors and team are made up of people with a deep wealth of experience in tourism and degrees in History, Political Science and other related fields. Our mission is to deliver to you the travelling partner, an unique, and memorable tour experience steeped in the history and heritage of the destination while still touching upon the past and present culture of the area. We take great pride in partnering with reputable, knowledgeable and innovative suppliers for all of tours. We also support UNESCO in their work to preserve and protect World Heritage Sites through regular donations and the dedication of a percentage of all travel revenue to their invaluable work. UNESCO states in their charter "parts of the cultural or natural heritage are of outstanding interest and therefore need to be preserved as part of the world heritage of mankind as a whole," History Tours is owned and operated by History Tours Ltd.

2020 Group Programs

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Canada's Wars 1914-45

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Mayan Express - Guatemala

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Golden route of the Incas - Peru

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The Inca Trail-Machu Picchu - Peru

Group options

History.tours offers a large selection of group options which can be tailored to your service level and area of interest. Explore the options and choose a few that suit your tastes or allow us to work with you in developing a combination of programs.


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